Allergies and Desensitization

AllergiesThere are various tests to identify sensitivities and allergies. Each of them has significant limitations most of them are not covered by Alberta Health Care.

If you would like to get tested for allergies and sensitivities Dr. Kodet can discuss these tests with you, their capacities and limitations and order the ones you decide to use. If required, Dr. Kodet has access to accredited medical laboratories in Canada, the USA and Europe.

However, it is universally accepted by the professional community that most major allergens are relatively easy to identify without special tests. This specifically applies to food which normally provides the greatest allergenic insult to the body. Dr. Kodet’s patients can quickly learn how to uncover the most offending foods or other allergens and how to desensitize or improve their tolerance. Even the worst cases can improve without spending money on special tests to determine their allergies and sensitivities.

“There are few things as important to me as preserving the well-being of my family and Dr. Kodet has helped me in this endeavour more than anyone else. Over the years, day or night, he has always been there to treat any of our health complaints – from childhood illnesses to severe burns and chronic conditions. He helped us overcome some of the most trying events in our lives. I have never left his office feeling anything but sure that his treatments will dramatically help me and my family members heal.” 

Wednesday Shomody

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