Cancer Care

cancerPatients using Dr. Kodet’s Supportive Cancer Treatment Program have found that their capacity to tolerate and recover from conventional treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) have been dramatically enhanced.

Cancer treatment is not finished by a reduction or eradication of a cancerous lesion or normalization of relevant test results. The body still needs to handle the treatment-resistant part of the illness, rebuild health, address probable causes of the cancer, and minimize the potential for cancer recurrence or development of treatment-caused complications.

Natural treatments provided by experts in supportive cancer care do not reduce the effectiveness of conventional treatments. In fact, there is mounting evidence that the use of correctly prescribed herbs, other natural substances and naturopathic treatments improve the effectiveness of conventional treatments and help to compensate for side-effects.

Dr. Kodet believes that it is critically important to add natural treatments to conventional cancer treatments. In many cases, his supportive treatments play a major role in conventional treatment outcome and post treatment recovery.

Dr. Kodet’s Supportive Cancer Treatment Program involves an individualized treatment from: pre-conventional treatment preparation/build up; to conventional treatment support; to post-conventional treatment rebuilding and recovery. Each phase of his program addresses both physical and psycho-emotional aspects as required.

Natural Cancer Treatmentclover

Patients who do not wish to undergo or cannot tolerate conventional treatments have the option of following Dr. Kodet’s individualized, comprehensive naturopathic cancer treatment protocol. This fully natural protocol is created to maximize the patient’s capacity to overcome the illness and reduce the potential for its recurrence. Patients who have treated their cancer naturally shared with Dr. Kodet that this was a life-altering experience that left them stronger and with a more positive outlook on life.

“A frequent disease of the present time is cancer. I have treated several cases of cancer in early stages, also smaller advanced cancers. They are easily cured.”

- Father Sebastian Kneipp, 1891, herbalist and hydro-therapist

Father Kneipp also established several medical spas and foundations that continue to follow his teachings and treatments.

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