Charitable Work

CharityDr. Kodet is working on establishing a Baby Box project with which he needs help.

Baby Box is a program designed to rescue abandoned newborns and infants in Calgary. Every year, newborns are abandoned, killed or left to die by their desperate mothers.

The Baby Box provides a safe place for a mother to leave an unwanted child while ensuring anonymity. Once a child is in the Baby Box and the box is closed, the box activates ventilation, heating, calls EMS and other authorized personnel. This gives the mother just enough time to leave. Once the box is closed only emergency or authorized personnel can access it.

Those who are interested in helping with this project can email Dr. Kodet. Dr. Kodet specifically needs help with legal and regulatory aspects, research, accounting, project management, and adaptation of European Baby Boxes to Canadian standards or developing our own Canadian model, its installation and maintenance.

Dr. Kodet has a history of effective charitable work. In the past, Dr. Kodet and his corporation were extensively involved in providing charitable rehabilitation services and other assistance to the severely injured. In addition, Dr. Kodet volunteered his treatment services to patients in remote regions in various under-developed countries from the Himalayan foothills in Nepal and India, to Thailand, and Latin America.

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