Chronic Illness

Chronic IllnessDr. Kodet combines a broad spectrum of natural and conventional medical science to provide natural treatments free of pain and side-effects for those who:

  • have not been able to achieve adequate results from conventional therapies
  • can be treated more effectively and safely by naturopathic medicine
  • wish to make a smooth transition from conventional treatment and medication to a non-invasive natural treatment
  • need to build up their health to prepare for aggressive conventional treatments
  • improve effectiveness of conventional treatments
  • wish to avoid, reduce or compensate for side-effects produced by conventional treatments
  • need to rebuild their health and strength following conventional treatments.

Treatment of chronic, difficult to treat, or treatment-resistant illnesses and conditions

There is a critical need to realize that the majority of chronic illnesses can be effectively treated or at least substantially improved by naturopathic medicine. However, the doctor’s skill, the patient’s adherence to the prescribed protocol, and access to high-quality natural products, are important variables in achieving the best results.

Treatment for those undergoing conventional treatment

Many of Dr. Kodet’s chronically ill patients come to him when they are concurrently being treated through conventional medicine. When treated by Dr. Kodet, dependency on conventional medication is reduced or eliminated.

It is important to note that Dr. Kodet always advises patients to be responsible when reducing/discontinuing their medication and to consult with the doctor who prescribed it. Some patients may never be able to fully discontinue some of their medications or treatments, however, with natural therapies, they can still improve their health and functional capacities as well as minimize the side-effects and use of conventional treatments.

“When our son Brandon was two years old, he was diagnosed with idiopathic acute recurrent pancreatitis. Brandon suffered five server attacks all within one year requiring hospitalization, morphine, antibiotics and TPN (total parental nutrition) by IV. During the first attack, we almost lost him. 

This really took a great physical toll on him, but as a parent, you cannot accept that you are unable to help your child. We needed a light at the end of the tunnel and once we met and began working with Dr. Kodet, we knew that was exactly what we had found. 

Dr. Kodet is not only extremely knowledgeable, but is also very caring and has the ability to explain the intricate workings of the body to the layman. Thus a turning point began and even within the first week following Dr. Kodet’s dietary recommendations, we noticed a marked improvement in Brandon’s energy. 

We will always be grateful to have met Dr. Kodet and quite honestly feel he very well may have saved Brandon.”

- David and Enza Ward

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