Detoxification and Non-Invasive Chelation

DetoxGentle and effective, detoxification can help reduce toxic load, treat many internal disorders, and help offset the stresses of living in today’s environment.

Dr. Kodet uses various forms of detoxification and chelation. The appropriate selection is based on several variables such as toxic agents, the patient’s state of health, costs, and the patient’s preference. His methods are non-invasive and affordable.

Please Note: 

Most of us would like to cleanse our body quickly by some form of an intervention or a supplement to improve our health.

Unfortunately in many cases it is not as simple as irresponsibly promoted over the counter solutions. Our body makes an attempt to detoxify perpetually. If its detoxification capacities are overwhelmed due to an illness, exposure, genetic and other factors, the body is forced to contain and isolate the toxins as best as it can, to minimize their harmful effect. In these cases it does not make sense to induce a rapid release of the stored toxic substances into the system that could not handle them to begin with. This is because “Detoxification for a period of time equals Re-toxification.” Many weaker or ill patients who tried some form of a detox program have aggravated their condition sometimes with harsh long term consequences.

The similar scenario applies to chelation.

It is important to adequately build up organs stressed by detoxification/chelation and improve general health before proceeding with any aggressive method. Dr. Kodet can help you to identify the most appropriate approach for your health condition and utilize safe, effective and benign modalities to reduce your toxic load.

“I came to see Dr. Kodet when I suffered with severe digestive disorders and was told by my previous physician to have my gallbladder surgically removed. I felt very unstable, shaky, nauseated, anxious and exhausted. Starting a new life in a new country, two years of very intensive full-time study at college, working part-time, and taking care of my kids and family , as well suffering from the residual impact of the Chernobyl disaster took a toll on my health. 

Months later, Dr. Kodet’s treatments have almost eliminated my digestive problems, my gallbladder is functioning better and most of my other symptoms were either resolved or were minimized. I am very thankful to Dr. Kodet for his excellent treatment and his advice on changing my lifestyle – these were critically important in reclaiming my health.” 

Alena Tulupava

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