Health Tips

Health Tips

Doing your best in your home to promote your heath is important to supplement the healing work you do with Dr. Kodet and to keep you and your family healthy. Include practices like buying and eating organic produce, meat and other food and culinary items, as well as cleaning your home with non-toxic cleaning products, many of which can be made inexpensively in your own home.

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Sore Throat? Have you tried Hydrotherapy? 

Although there are numerous applications of hydrotherapy, this tip focuses on relief from sore throats – the typical start of the common cold. Many patients have experienced literally overnight relief from their symptoms with this simple approach:

After your evening bath or shower, wet a mid-size towel in cold water and wring it out. Wrap it around your neck so that your throat is covered, similarly to how you would wear a scarf. Then, wrap a dry scarf around the damp one so that it is completely covered. Go to bed with the neck coverings on. By the morning, your throat will have benefited from additional delivery of blood, nutrients, oxygen and white blood cells to the area. Repeat the next night if necessary. This will also help to improve your sleep.

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