Severe Injuries and Chronic Pain

Chronic PainSevere chronic pain and non-resolving severe injury negatively impact various body functions and work-related capacities. Apart from physical dysfunction and pain, patients may also experience digestive, hormonal, neurological, intellectual, psycho-emotional and other deficiencies.

Dr. Kodet combines his expertise from general naturopathic medicine, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, in formulating highly sophisticated individualized programs to treat these conditions. Patients following his programs have achieved improvements that exceeded the expectations of other medical professionals.

The most commonly treated injuries are motor vehicle, work and sport-related injuries, brain, spinal, neck, back, pelvis and foot injuries.

“My life has been characterized by violence along with the stress and illness that accompany it. I suffered the tragic loss of my children, endured family abuse and survived three severe vehicular accidents. With the pain I was experiencing, I couldn’t see a future for myself. I would have preferred to die. I experienced severe insomnia, nightmares, chronic muscle and back pain, abdominal pain, headaches, depression, lack of concentration and poor short-term memory. I also had hearing and vision problems. 

Dr. Kodet helped me to either resolve the ailments or considerably reduce the symptoms around them. His treatment also helped to save one of my organs and avoid surgery. I’ve come along way and now am grateful for my new life. I look forward to the future.”

- L. Cunnings

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