Women’s Health

Women's HealthEven difficult and long-term adverse menopausal and PMS symptoms can be treated by naturopathic medicine. Surprisingly, some of the most difficult cases were relatively easy to resolve when their relevant causes were correctly identified and treated accordingly.

Many health-related complaints are often attributed to hormonal imbalances, the aging process, stress, or overwork. In reality, many of these health issues are also caused by other factors such as poorly functioning internal organs (eg. digestion) and or exhausted glands (thyroid, adrenals).

Many cases can be dramatically improved or even corrected by introducing nutritional changes and specifically prescribed herbal remedies.

“One week before my due date, weakened by pain and stress from a recently settled car accident, I was diagnosed with systemic B streptococcal and systemic yeast infection. I was told that I would have to be put on intravenous antibiotics because B streptococcal infection has been recognized as a major cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns. Having no desire to be exposed to intravenous antibiotics during pregnancy, I decided to see Dr. Kodet. Dr. Kodet prepared a special herbal formula safe for pregnancy and made changes to my diet. Kayla was born ten days later. Kayla is now six months old and she is a beautiful, healthy, happy baby. Thank you, Dr. Kodet.”

- Martina Brill

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